Preparing Farmers in ASEAN Economic Community and Asia Pacific Economic Community Era

Muhammad Arsyad,Akhsan Djalaluddin

Agricultural sector is a major capital for Indonesia to boost the economy and welfare predominantly working in agriculture. Development efforts are focused in the field of agriculture are two things that increased knowledge and training for farmers and institutional aspects of development and one of them is a “Koperasi”. Globalization makes Indonesia at rural and urban areas with easy access to information that makes the distance and time become increasingly close between regions which should be an opportunity to get information to farmers in the development of farming. The logical consequence of globalization is the participation of Indonesia as ASEAN member countries and APEC is a challenge to be able to compete so that the necessary concepts and applications of agricultural development for the ASEAN Economic Community and APEC as an inevitability.

Volume 11 | 08-Special Issue

Pages: 142-149