Iban Dindang and Malay Pantun: Impact on Intellectual Intelligence and Building of Human Capital in Iban and Malay Communities

Chemaline Anak Osup,Norjietta Bt Taisin

This article examines the impact of traditional poems of dindang Iban and Malay pantun on the Iban and Malay society in the aspect of intellectual and human capital development These impacts form a new generation of thoughtful, hardworking, disciplined, insightful, adhering to religious teachings, tolerant, polite and rational so that they may possess noble values of humanity, as well as maintaining the attitude of lifelong learning for prosperity, success and harmony. The objective of this study is achieved because the findings successfully shows the impact of these poems on the intellectual intelligence and human capital developmentin the Iban and Malay communities. This research adopts the semiotic theory of Richard and Ogden and engages field work and analysis documents. The implication of this study is the wide use of dindang and pantunto enrich human capital with progressive development and attitudes, besides cultivating high ethical and moral values among the members of the ethnic society. Dindang Iban and Malay pantun will remain relevant to the communities concerned because of its communicational function as a tool to convey the intent of the hearts, desire, intention, advice, morality and didactic instructions, and at the same time reflecting on the customs and religious beliefs of the society. The didactic nature of these two poems makes it easy to educate the communities through motivation, advice, satire and convey religious messages for building characters and human capital by filling the minds of people with noble attributes.

Volume 11 | 08-Special Issue

Pages: 118-125