A Performance of the Preparedness in the Management of Disaster in Malaysia

Nurhanie Mahjom,Zuriadah Ismail,Fatimah Salwa Abd Hadi

Preparedness during a disaster needs serious attention as it is a critical aspect that will support a country when it is struck by natural or man-made disasters and epidemics. By learning from other countries’ experience in handling disasters, the health system's ability to respond effectively on these various threats becomes a top priority. However, the level of preparedness to confront and manage disasters among health workers in many developing countries such as Malaysia, comprising various levels of situations, is still questionable. There is a need for these countries that seldom or have never experienced a major disaster incident to improve on their system’s efficiency. The information gathered in this study will be used for future improvement and planning of the health systems specifically in Malaysia and in general for other developing countries as well. As the existing system is not fully developed, a lot of improvements are required. Additionally, health workers also need to play their roles and functions during the simulation exercises to ensure that they are adequately prepared when a disaster occurs.

Volume 11 | 08-Special Issue

Pages: 108-113