Survey on Autonomic Web Service Composition

Kavita D.Hanabaratti,Dr. S.F Rodd

The computing systems complication keeps extending far from human capability to switch the supervision tasks for achieving the best benefits from such systems. The concept of autonomic computing came with a belief with the guarantee of self-management where computing systems are able to manage their behaviors.The concept of web service emerged for the belief of enabling heterogeneous computing systems. Web Services are considered as modular, self-describing, self-contained and freely attached applications that can be identified, located, and invoked across the web.With the heavily increasing number of web services available on the web, the requirement for web service composition is becoming more important. Composition of web services is a skill which has received considerable interest in the last number of years. Composition of web services is the task of connecting single web services together in order to achieve more complex tasks.The capability that has received a considerable attention in the last two decades is composition of web services.Process of combining single Web services together in order to achieve more complicated tasks is the definition of web service composition. Composition of web services with an autonomic feature which are described semantically is an instance. On the other hand it is one of the most difficult problems of the last decade in scattered and dynamic environment.Indeed in order to be more dynamic candles manual,most composition processes tend to be complex and non-optimal. This research has tried to identify the relationship between execution methods of autonomic cloud services with the help of a survey based on questionnaire, a structured approach in this direction was prepared with 46 items and 200 respondents analyzed the results using IBM SPSS Tool. This paper addresses the reliability test for validating the reliability of our questionnaire, which is being carried out by using the Cronbach’s alpha test along with the support of IBM SPSS tool.It has been found there exists a strong relationship between the execution methods.

Volume 11 | 08-Special Issue

Pages: 77-84