Cultivating Character Strengths among School-Going Children

Mallika Vohra,Neelam Pandey

Each one of us possesses certain strengths in varying degrees that make up our own unique profile. They may be broadly classified as humanity, courage, justice, wisdom, temperance and transcendence. They are universally appreciated and encompass our capability to help ourselves and others to produce positive results. It requires a extent of cognitive maturation that enhances during teenage years by identifying, embracing and cultivating these strengths among children. Hence involves the use of the will to accomplish goals in face of challenging circumstances, both external or internal and help children connect to the universe and make it more meaningful through the use of virtues. These strengths must be fostered to ensure that children become flourishing – packed with enhanced functioning and constructive emotions both psychologically and socially well. During the adolescence period, children go through various changes physically and mentally which affect their behavior emotion and thought processes. They constantly undergo different phases and challenges –specially about their self– identity. Firstly, this paper deals with the need and importance to build up essential character strengths in schools going students. Secondly, Re-aligning the attention and also exploring what makes life worthwhile and also identifying suitable conditions of our lives, as individuals and as communities. Thirdly, to be happy is not something intrinsic but something acquired throughout our life and is reflected in good character.

Volume 11 | 08-Special Issue

Pages: 31-34