Green Facilities for Elderly Care Home in Malaysia

Nik Muhammad Faris Bin Nik Nordin,Hasif Rafidee Bin Hasbollah,Mohd Rafi Bin Yaacob,Mohd Hafzal Bin Abdul Halim,Firdaus Bin Mohd Nasir,Muhamad Ridwan Bin Jamaludin,Mohd Asyraf Bin Mohd Noor

The increment of senior citizens in the population has results the demand for special facilities for this group in the old folk’s area so that those elderly are able to live a normal life. Malaysia is a developing nation and is anticipated to become a advanced nation backed by numerous advances in technology, education and research by 2020. Malaysia's elderly care is covered by the Private Healthcare Facilities & Services Act 1998 under Act 586 — Medical Practice Section. According to this act, any home health care, which do not provide healthcare services, medical or hospice care for elderly properly will be registered under the Department of Social Welfare. Nowadays, it is clear to say that the facilities of Elderly Care Home are a crucial quality-improvement measure which supports to the modernization agenda of one country. The word “Green Facilities is gaining popularity in the building construction development. It was used interchangeably for development projects for residential homes, commercial buildings, schools. This study will adopt qualitative approach by using self-administered questionnaire and face-to face interviews as a survey method. The sample of this study will consist of Elderly Care Homes located in Klang Valley which offer nursing care services. Although there is good impact for implementation the green facilities for elderly care home in Malaysia.

Volume 11 | 08-Special Issue

Pages: 12-17