Secure Data Transmission Method for Wireless Multi-Hop Integrated Network

SamuthiraPandi.V,Martin Leo Manickam.J

The recent wireless network provides wide coverage and universal roaming. WLAN systems offer surpassing bit rates for all the WIFI standards, but are often found lacking with respect to secure data transmission, maximizing transmission opportunities and effects of delay constraints. WLAN systems are great extensive coverage area, while 5G systems provide global coverage and the necessary multi-hop transmission and management infrastructure to gorge for roaming, and charging requirements. The main focus of this paper is on secure data transmission for wireless multi-hop integrated network. Firstly, we describe frame work, contrary wireless multi-hop networks and related research affair. Secondly, we describe an infrastructure for wireless multihop among diversified networks. Finally, we discuss how the infrastructure can help secure transmission of data packets, maximizing transmission and delay constraints for the wireless multi-hop network.

Volume 11 | 02-Special Issue

Pages: 2380-2386