Constitutional Safeguards Provided to Civil Servants in India: A Critical Analysis

Siddharth Thapliyal

The services of the civil servants are indispensable for the efficient running of the public administration. They help in the execution of the legislation. This makes it necessary for the Constitution to create a feeling of security and fair play in the minds of civil servants so that they can function efficiently in their duties. The power of the government to dismiss the servants from service has also been kept subject to certain provisions by providing safeguards within the constitution of India. The safeguards have been taken from the English law with some modifications. The civil rights keep the servants in the public eye while their political rights require them to be neutral. The safeguards ensure that the servants do their duty without fear. This study aims to critically study the constitutional safeguards provided to civil servants in India.

Volume 11 | 07-Special Issue

Pages: 225-228