Spirituality and Mindfulness: A Tool for Well-Being

D. Sangeetha and J. Reeves Wesley

In the current demanding work environment, a vital self-management tool is needed for employees to overcome work pressure as it is inevitable in nature. The excessive workloads and unrealistic deadlines make employees feel sick and stressed at work. It is apparent that prolonged stress can have negative consequences on the employee health and well-being and it also decreases the efficiency and performance of employees. Studies on well-being had suggested various strategies and techniques, but an influential tool i.e., spirituality and mindfulness at work are scarce and less focused. In this study, we suggest that organizations can adopt and incorporate spirituality and mindfulness programs in the workplace as a strategy as it is expected to improve the well being and further it improves productivity and performance.

Volume 11 | 04-Special Issue

Pages: 2291-2294