Reducing number of switches in multi level inverter using diode clamped & H-Bridge inverters

Dr. T V V Pavan Kumar,Mrs M Soujanya

The multi level inverters (MLI) are having more features to usage. In existing methods like diode clamped multilevel inverter, H-Bridge multilevel inverter are more number of switches are using compared to proposed multilevel inverter. So the proposed method of 35-level multilevel inverter topology is combination of diode clamped and cascaded multilevel inverters. In this method using the less number of switches and their pulse generating circuit. so there by the ensuring the switching loss, reducing size and installation cost also less. so the new proposed technology is well designed for renewable applications like PV cell, wind energy systems. Comparing to the other existing inverters the switch count is very less. The results are validating by using Matlab/simulink design.

Volume 11 | 05-Special Issue

Pages: 2281-2288