Economic Comparison of Solar Micro-Inverter and Central Inverter for Domestic Application

Ruchira,S.K Sinha,R.N Patel

The present work demonstrates an experimental investigation of comparative performance of two different types of solar inverters for Indian atmospheric conditions. The produced solar power has been used for supplying different domestic loads. Various parameters viz solar irradiation, temperature of the panel, current, voltage and power output of the system have been measured during the study. The experiment on 1kW PV system has been performed to study the techno - economical aspects of using the micro inverter and central inverter integrated with photovoltaic system. The effect of dust and shading on the performance of solar modules has been observed to study the economic aspects on installing the microinverter (MI) and central inverter (CI). Based on the calculations of the payback period of the system, it was found that the use of microinverter in place of central inverter can be preferred for low power applications.

Volume 11 | Issue 5

Pages: 544-552