User Throughput based Channel Assignment Method for IEEE 802.11 Multi- Channel Multi-Radio Wireless Mesh Networks

B. Muni Lavanya,C. Shoba Bindu,G Vijaya Kumar

Facilitating the users with high speed wireless Internet connectivity through multi-radio multichannel wireless mesh networks is attracting the researchers. Improper utilization of available channels for the numerous radio interfaces present on the mesh routers leads to poor performance of the network. This paper proposes a novel algorithm (UET-POCA) of channel allocation based on user end-to-end throughput by considering the channel load on access link and mesh backhaul routing path to the gateway. The algorithm is completely decentralized, scalable and supports user mobility. Also, the algorithm uses all available orthogonal channels and partially overlapping channels for the complete utilization of available radio spectrum. Significant performance is observed from the simulation analysis of the proposed algorithm.

Volume 11 | 05-Special Issue

Pages: 2195-2208