Intelligent System based on Pollution Intensity

Chahat Agarwal, S.Akshay, Priya Vijay

One of the world’s major issue in recent years are handling Air Pollution and thereby controlling public health issues raised because of pollution. The major driving forces that cause air pollutions in large cities are urbanization, Industrial Economic development, increase in transport usage , energy consumption, and rapid increase in population growth. The pollution deduction mostly dependent on handheld systems which leads to expansion of Smart City. One such method is to develop an IoT enabled device which would control pollution by navigating routes based on pollution intensity. So our project provides a methodology to identify the pollution intensity at each locale and then intimating user to navigate a route which has minimum pollution strength. The alert intimation can be in the form of electrical device (LED) or by using a mobile application. The pollution data of various locale are mapped and analysed to indicate the pollution level and suggesting a best route to follow to avoid traffic congestion as well as to reduce pollution level.

Volume 11 | 05-Special Issue

Pages: 2152-2161