Logging Conflict Resolution Based on Local Wisdom of PatiOngong in Indonesia

Rina Rohayu Harun,Absori,Harun

The issue of illegal logging is a global issue. It is not only a problem in Indonesia. Indonesian law has been considered to be less effective in resolving the problem of illegal logging because of the fact that the conflict still persists. The handling of illegal logging cases is still a serious work and requires an effective breakthrough. The current research offered an effective solution to solve this problem that could be conducted by the Indonesian government, namely the solution based on local wisdom of PatiOngong. It was qualitative descriptive research with the principle of legal sociology. The problem of the current research was how the concept of illegal logging could be resolved using the local wisdom of PatiOngong. This study used a non-doctrinal approach. The results showed that the use of alternative strategies based on the local wisdom of PatiOngong was very effective in resolving various forestry conflicts, such as illegal logging.

Volume 11 | 05-Special Issue

Pages: 2100-2105