Performance Analysis of 3×8 Rectangular Patch Array by Implementing of Thinning Effect Using HFSS

B.V. Subba Rao and Dr.R.V.S. Satyanarayana

This paper presents design of single element and 3×8 rectangular patch array antenna designs operating at a frequency of 1.35 GHz. Rogers RT Duroid 5880 with dielectric constant 2.2 is used as substrate for the antenna design. Coaxial feeding technique is used to design the single element and array. Initially single element is designed and the results like return loss, gain and VSWR have been observed. Later a 3×8 rectangular patch array is designed and the results were been observed. Later thinning effect is applied to the array with some of the elements of array with zero input amplitude and the results were observed. The design and simulation of the antenna is done using HFSS software.

Volume 11 | 07-Special Issue

Pages: 145-149