Performance Analysis of Multiobjective Algorithms for Cloud Computing Framework

AbhikritiNarwal,Sunita Dhingra

Cloud service providers mostly uses assets in server farm to provide distributed computing administration that requires to fulfill the request of various clients. The load between physical servers in server farm should be adjusted to stay away from hotspot and enhance asset utility.It is clear the scale and complexity of distributed systems makes the centralized assignment of jobs to specific server an infeasible task and it requires a distributed solution. This paper investigates two possible distributed solutions proposed for scheduling .This manuscript presents a comparative study between two multiobjective algorithms( credit based scheduling algorithm (CBSA) and enhanced multi-objective scheduling algorithm (EMOSA) on the basis of three parameters: processing time, processing cost, and makespantime.The used algorithms were tested in different scenarios and profiles.The results show that the algorithm considered for analysis for cloud computing can help the designer to define good scheduling improving the time, cost and time of the tasks onto the cloud.

Volume 11 | 05-Special Issue

Pages: 2093-2099