Pixel Interpolation Based Watermarking Scheme in Spatial Domain and its Analysis on Different Parameters

SachinAllwadhi,Kamaldeep Joshi,Ashok Kumar Yadav

In this paper, Pixel Interpolation based watermarking scheme in the spatial domain and its analysis on different parameters is proposed to insert the watermark in the host image. For the experiment; standard images of sizes 256*256 and 512*512 are taken into consideration. The basic idea to perform this experiment is to analyze the robustness of algorithm on inserting a noise of salt and pepper type by a factor of 0.02 and further imperceptibility of both the stego and retrieved watermark is considered in it. The table 1shows the original, watermarked images and watermarked images having noise. It is clear that the Pixel Interpolation based watermarking scheme in spatial domain scheme is robust to the salt and pepper noise. The table 2 and 3show the result of PSNR, MSE, MAXERR and L2RAT of the Stego and original image of 256*256 and 512*512 respectively. The proposed scheme shows promising results when compared with other methods.

Volume 11 | 05-Special Issue

Pages: 2087-2092