Design of Rectangular T-shaped Antenna for Detection of Breast Cancer

Suraj Kumar, Shilpi Shrivastava, Sher Singh Prajapat, Soumya Saxena, Manisha Gupta and Arun Kumar

A novel four band rectangular T-shaped microstrip antenna functioning at 1.17 GHz, 2.19 GHz, 2.56 GHz and 3.97 GHz is designed for the biomedical applications. The frequencies utilize for the detection is not destructive to human beings. The antenna is simulated in the CST - Microwave studio and the parameters such as return loss and gain, directivity is analyzed. Radio waves less than 2 GHz highlight brilliant infiltration capacity into every human muscle containing the bones, in which ultrasound experiences issues to get penetrated. The output result reveals that the proposed antenna can be utilized in several medical applications like X-ray, CT scan, heart beat and respiration monitoring. It has also an ability to identify the breast cancer in an efficient manner because the breast cancer can be treating at 1 to 1.5GHz and the projected antenna is implemented on 1 GHz resonance. The gain and the S-parameter are 6.81 dBi, -40.21 dB at 2.56 GHz and 5.84 dBi, -42.21dB at 3.97 GHz.

Volume 11 | 07-Special Issue

Pages: 100-104