Wind and Seismic Analysis of High Rise Building with and Without Steel Jacks Using SAP 2000

Tumpera SivaRam,Vaishali G Ghorpade,H.Sudarsana Rao

In this work, it is proposed to carry out an analytical study, on multi-storey building of 35 stories, was carried out for Zone3 & zone 5 for three types of soils. The suitability and efficiency of lateral bracing systems that are commonly used and also that of steel bracings were investigated. The different bracing systems viz., X-brace, are introduced in these analytical models. These building models are analysed, using SAP 2000 software, to the action of lateral forces employing linear static and linear dynamic approaches as per IS 1893 (Part I): 2002. The response spectrum analysis were carried for all the models. The results of the analyses, in terms of displacement, shear, moment areobtained and the conclusions are drawn thereof. The suitability of the type of lateral system for the buildings is suggested based on the soil type and its location.

Volume 11 | 05-Special Issue

Pages: 1967-1977