Antecedents of Post Purchase Consumer Dissatisfaction in Household White Goods

Vikas Uppal,Amit Mittal

The triggers of “post purchase dissatisfaction” are emerging as a highly debated aspect in case of consumer electronics and electric goods worldwide. The triggers of phenomenon of “consumer dissatisfaction” often involve the dimensions of “consumer driven” or “product driven” or “non-product driven” as well as “organization driven”. Such “triggers” seem to instigate the consumer to feel either satisfied or dissatisfied. This research article emphasizes and explores the role of two evident triggers “Product based functional failure” and “Product based visible failure” as two obvious causes of post purchase dissatisfaction. The study operationalizes the factors with aid of pre-validated scales and concentrates on a sample size of 648 across Chandigarh capital region and sub urban areas with access to white goods. The study relied on factor analysis for extraction and incorporated AMOS based modeling of relationships across constituent factors. The study based operationalized scales achieved a reliability (cronbach alpha) in range of 0.5 to 0.9.The study established the prevalence of statistical significant relationship between “product failure” and “consumer based dissatisfaction” as well as prevalence of statistical significant relationship between “visible failure” and “consumer based dissatisfaction”. The study based outcomes owe implications for theory, practicing managers and marketers.The research findings support the earlier outcomes with regard to contextual antecedents of consumer’s dissatisfaction based perceptions and behavior.

Volume 11 | 05-Special Issue

Pages: 1958-1966