Teachers’ Perceptions About the ICT Role in History Teaching and Learning

Bahtije Gerbeshi Zylfiu,Myrvete Dreshaj-Baliu

In order to achieve positive results in history teaching and learning, besides social, biological and psychological conditions, the use of contemporary methods, techniques and teaching tools are also indispensably needed. In this regard, the ICT has an important role as a teaching tool. Since teachers are key actors in using the ICT in teaching and learning process, this research has examined the perceptions of teachers on ICT role in history teaching and learning. This research has adopted a mixed methods design and mainly it is of descriptive nature. Questionnaires and interviews were used as research instruments by involving 103 history teachers in the survey and 5 teachers were interviewed. The sample includes teachers from urban and rural areas and different school levels. The age of teachers involved in this research ranged from 29-63 years. The results of this research show that teachers' perceptions about the ICT role in history teaching and learning are positive, but they do not use ICT in an adequate and proper level. Data from this research show that there are several reasons why teachers do not use ICT more in teaching process. Findings of this research will be part of discussions about the ICT role in teaching in general including history teaching as well.

Volume 11 | 05-Special Issue

Pages: 1950-1957