Dynamics of Organizational Change: Determination of The Interest of Maritime Education Power

Sri TutieRahayu,NuritaWidianti,ArioHendartono,YayatRuhiat

Organizational change is mandatory, organizational needs in the face of increasingly fierce competition, of course, organizational adaptability is the focus. For the sake of self-defense in the organization of change to be an unavoidable destiny, the ever-changing environmental conditions always make it difficult for the development of the organization, especially in the stage of identifying it. Changes in the SGC Organization to Polimarin through several times and the changes certainly color the dynamics of leadership, SGC changed to BPLPT and later became Polimarin in 2012, the range of changes took a total of 20 years. This research is entitled: Dynamics of Change in Maritime Organizations. The objectives of this study are: 1) Describe the process of organizational change; 2) Describe the process of change that occurs from SGC to Polimarin. This type of research is a qualitative case study. In the analysis it has its own focus, such as preparing land, finding seeds, waiting for the planting period and planting and blooming even though it has not yet been harvested, the actors of the dynamics of change are Polimarin, Ministry of Transportation and IMO (International Maritime Organization).

Volume 11 | 05-Special Issue

Pages: 1946-1949