Trends of the Scientific Research for Postgraduate Students at the IslamicUniversity of Gaza

Dawoud D. Helles,Dr. Mahmoud O. Jalambo

The study aimed at investigating the trends of educational scientific research among the postgraduate students in the Faculty of Education at the Islamic University of Gaza. Therefore, the master theses that were approved in the academic years 2015/2016 and 2016/2017 were surveyed. A questionnaire was designed and distributed among a sample of 50 postgraduates, following the biometric method to measure and analyze the intellectual output in a specific field of knowledge through certain indicators. The study found out that the majority of the theses are conducted by male researchers, since the difficult economic circumstances of Palestinian women prevents them from pursuing their higher studies. Also, researchers’ trend toward curricula and teaching methods was by 46.5% compared to the fundamentals of education and psychology. Moreover, the results revealed a lack of theses in the field of literacy, adult education, special education, and learning difficulties. The findings also reported that the questionnaire is the most frequently used tool for data collection in the tackled theses. Finally, the results showed the scarcity of financial incentives for postgraduate students. In the light of those results, the researchers recommended encouraging the educational research that addresses social and economic fields of education, special education, adult education, and literacy. It is also recommended to prepare a list of priorities for educational scientific research in Palestine, besides strengthening the relationship between the faculties of education in the field of scientific research in the local, regional, and international institutions.

Volume 11 | 05-Special Issue

Pages: 1924-1935