City Population as a Subject of Urban Ecosystem’s Development

Alina Vladimirovna Makhiyanova,Olga LvovnaPanchenko,Elmira ShamselbayanovnaAkhmetova,DaniyaKalimullovnaShigapova,DaniiarFagimovichSadretdinov,

The growing pace of urbanization causes an increase in social problems, including the growth of social distress, poverty and inequality. In aggregate, this forms the quality of life of the city population. The issues of the development of the city ecosystem have been brought up in the works of several scientists. However, the effect of the ecosystem on the living standards of the city population has not been sufficiently studied. The article applies the systematic-communicative approach, based on which the city population is considered, on the one hand, as an element of the ecosystem, and, on the other hand, as a subject influencing the quality of life through the regulation of the ecosystem. All these factors necessitate a study of the environmental consciousness and environmental behavior of the city population.

Volume 11 | 05-Special Issue

Pages: 1916-1923