Analysis of Self-Acceptance andInterpersonal Competency in Maritime Students

NuritaWidianti,Sri TutieRahayu,Gunawan Budi Santoso,YayatRuhiyat

One factor in a person's success in adjusting to the environment is determined by the individual's ability to accept his own situation. In fact, not all social environments can accept individuals well. Midshipmen who live in dormitories are very stiff in social relationships with other people and some of them have difficulty in establishing interpersonal competencies. This aims is to determine the relationship between self-acceptance and interpersonal competence in maritime students. The data taken 110 respondents from cadets Polimarin Semarang who were eligible or considered representative. The technique of collecting data using the study of population. The total number of samples is 40 people. The method of data collection uses the scale of self-acceptance and scale of interpersonal competence. The data analysis technique uses product moment correlation. Based on the results of calculation of product moment analysis techniques obtained the value of the correlation coefficient (r) of 0.301; p = 0.003 (p <0.01) means that there is a very significant positive relationship between self-acceptance and interpersonal competence. The higher (stronger) one's self-acceptance, the higher the interpersonal competencies, the lower the self-acceptance, the lower the interpersonal competence.

Volume 11 | 05-Special Issue

Pages: 1821-1826