International Education: Interplay of Global Strategy and Sustainable Development

Eureeka,Haishang Wu

The aim of this paper is to achieve sustainable development (SD) through education, and to investigate the interplay of global strategy and SD as approaches in enabling international education. The findings indicate SD shall not be limited to national level,instead; global strategy in international education shall be launched to establish the common foundation.To achieve the objectives, the nature of SDwasstudied in reference to the origins and definitions given by international organizations. The study first identified impact factors and measurable metrics to analyze the interplay of global strategy and SD. In addition, this paperinvestigatesthe impacts of education for SD in several tactical areas within global strategy such as; critical thinking, human capital, and culture exchange to shed light on the SD indicators. International education is further reviewed for its criticality in terms of SD impact factors. The study applies the cases of international education program as an example, to illustrate the realization of SD, and proposes global strategies and approaches to establish sustainable development.The principles of the global strategy are finally examined in the context of elemental characteristicsdetails necessary for internationaleducation for SD.

Volume 11 | 05-Special Issue

Pages: 1749-1756