A Reverse Power Flow-based Intelligent Protection Scheme for Distributed Generation System

Amandeep Gill, Surendra Kumar Yadav and Pushpendra Singh

In this paper proposed an intelligent protection system by using the Expert system (AI) method for the protection of distribution system versus Reverse power flow (RPF) immediately. The proposed boosted ANFIS model is utilized for estimating the adequate specifications and the LSA is made use of for enhancing the ANFIS version performance. The goal of the recommended technique is too unique while it implanted the restriction of RPF to the slack bus while minimizing the power losses and preserving the voltage profile. The outcomes are shown as the limitation of the RPF can reduce the power loss of the proposed intelligent protection system that is taken into consideration simultaneously. The suggested approach is carried out utilizing MATLAB/Simulink platform and also tested into the IEEE 69 bus radial distribution system as well as analysed for voltage variant due to RPF as well as compared with Particle swarm optimization (PSO) technique.

Volume 11 | 07-Special Issue

Pages: 17-25