Recreating the Self: The Vision of Existentialism in Arun Joshi and Sudha Murty’s Novels

K. A. Vilasini,Dr. X. John Paul

The research article examines the philosophical view of existentialism that plays a remarkable role in Indian writing in English in the modern era from the socio-cultural set up. Indian English writers have also explored the philosophy of existentialism like the continental philosophers in an extensive way. The existential elements like meaninglessness in life, will, freedom and responsibility, confusion with traditional values and principles and identity crisis are deeply explained and in order to analyse the individual pattern from the perspectives of existential writers. The present article is the critical analysis and the parallel study of Arun Joshi and Sudha Murty from existential background. The novels taken for the research includes, The Foreigner of Arun Joshi and Mahashwetha of Sudha Murty. They deal with the characters who struggle for their existence. They existential struggle is experienced through freedom of choice. Arun Joshi and Sudha Murty concludes with the solution of finding meaning in their own life to get rid of this existential struggle.

Volume 11 | 05-Special Issue

Pages: 1714-1721