Elastic Vibrations in the Mechanism of Class IV

Y. Temirbekov, A. Bobeev, E. Shertayev and B. Nurmukhambetova

Was created a dynamic model based spatial topology. Algorithm and a computer program for calculating the elastic vibrations have been developed. To calculate the dynamic model of the following tasks: a) the calculation of the "primary" position of the mechanism and its kinematic parameters, and b) the calculation of the elastic deformation mechanism (realized numerical scheme Newmark). The task of a) is ancillary to the problem b). Kinematics of Class IV with external sliding pair spatial topology. In contrast to similar mechanism of class II, the kinematics of this mechanism has no analytic solutions. Thus, kinematics cannot be entered directly into the dynamics equations. That is, directly in expression of kinetic energy, potential energy, the generalized forces. Thus, at each step of solving dynamics must first be resolved kinematics. The system of dynamic equations solved by direct integration using the Newmark numerical scheme. All the components of the elastic linear and angular displacements in the points of the structure are determined.

Volume 11 | Issue 5

Pages: 524-529