Temperature Control Using ACOand PSO Based PD

Greeshma M C,Bhagyalakshmi R,Jaganatha Pandian B,

In this paper, PID controller is tuned using meta heuristic method and further utilized in determining the temperature control for house heating system..Different methods are available for tuning of PID controller. The soft computing methods like Ant colony optimization (ACO) and Particle swarm optimization (PSO) are used. The final results obtained from soft computing methods (ACO, PSO) are compared with each other and the best results are computed. Both ACO and PSO techniques are found under the section of nature evolving optimization techniques. The fundamental purpose of this project is to resolve using the above mentioned methods and compare their pros and cons. For higher order system such optimization techniques can be used to provide comparatively better system performance with a maximum error reduction. It is required to create an objective function that will measure the optimal PID gains on the basis of the control system and total error.

Volume 11 | 02-Special Issue

Pages: 2332-2340