An Architecture FrameworkAnd Methodology For Big Data Analytics In Health Care

P.Ravikumaran,Dr. K. Vimala Devi

Big Data Analytics (BDA) is a fast growing field with the capability to provide useful clear and deep understanding solution to the healthcare applications. There are many dimensions of big, data is having issues with its usage, such as managing volume, velocity, variety veracity and value, characteristics such as integrity accuracy and interpretation. But such challenges not restrain us to use and explore the big data as an evidence source in clinical application. This obtains the need to examine health care information to control and reduce the increased cost of medical treatment as well as to improve patient’s treatment outcomes. The goal is to describe the ability and capability of big data analytics in health care. This paper describes the developing field of big data analytics in healthcare, discusses the advantages, and provides an architectural framework and methodology. Also describes the platforms/tools for analytics and discusses the challenges and conclusions. This paper concludes that Big data analytics in health care are a promising field for providing deeper insight from the huge volume of data sets and good outcomes.

Volume 11 | 02-Special Issue

Pages: 2312-2317