Feeder Phase Balancing using Single Phase Distributed Generations ConsideFeeder Phase Balancing using Single Phase Distributed Generations Considering Voltage Dependency of Loadsring Voltage Dependency of Loads

Sujeet Mishr,Abhishek Kumar,Rakesh Kumar Misra,Devender Singh

The aim of present work is to investigate the performance of the Butterfly optimizer (BO) for the problem of phase load balancing after considering different load models. Single phase Distributed generations (DGs) can be used to balance the overall phase load at the root node (feeder). In this paper, to find a suitable bus-phaselocation of DGs with proper sizing, a mixed integer non-linear programming (MINLP) problem is solved using BO. The result of proposed algorithm is compared with the result of constant Power case (without considering Voltage dependency) and the result shows that there is significate error in results which cannot ignore in planning.

Volume 11 | 02-Special Issue

Pages: 2261-2274