Modeling Blood Flow in 3D Soft Tissues for the Simulation of Virtual Surgery


Surgery simulation has emerged as an interesting field of research in computer graphics. The virtual surgery procedures carried out in the recent past years have demonstrated the extraordinary impact and virtual reality has made a tremendous improvement in improving the lives of patients all over the globe. But the issue exists with realistic and real time simulation of clinical operations on skin. Over the past years surgical simulation is practiced as simulation of soft tissue cutting and deformation. However in this context the ultimate goal is to simulate insertion of surgical instrument, modeling surgical cut and bleeding. Towards this, the scope to simulate surgical skin cuts increases models complexity with many topological changes. Also bleeding is modeled using fluid dynamics which is having high degree of computational complexity. The objective of this paper is to simulate human skin layers using soft tissue modeling. After realizing soft tissues, a surgical cut is performed using virtual scalpel object on simulated layered surface of human skin and its effect is bleeding simulated as single blood droplet. The proposed work has been implemented in a real time using Delaunay triangulation technique to simulate layers of skin and vtkDeformPointSet( ) function is used to demonstrate the deformation of soft tissues. From the experimental simulation carried out it is evident that the computation time reduces significantly for both modeling the tissues and topological changes of the soft tissues.

Volume 11 | 02-Special Issue

Pages: 2197-2206