A Study on Green Banking Practices in India and its Initiations by Indian Banks

Saikumari.V, Sunitha.V, Nandini.A

Green banking differs from traditional banking.It focuses on promoting customer friendly and environment friendly banking. It is a concept of environment and social factors of investing. Green banking helps to reduce internal and external carbon footprints. Green bankingplays an important role to reduce the use of paperwork and by promoting online banking, to initiate sustainable development, to promote green banking practices. This paper analyzes the adoption of green banking products. Green banking aims to protect environment, provides environmental awareness and environment-friendly system, sustainable development, ecological measures, economic growth and development. “Green” technologies are also findingtheir way to introduce new term like Green Banking.The practice of green banking in India such as online banking, mobile banking, internet banking and Green channel counters, e-statement, green loans, solar ATMs, etc. The main purpose of green banking is to reduce time and cost of the customer and involves tenets of sustainability, ethical lending, conservation and energy efficiency.

Volume 11 | 02-Special Issue

Pages: 2181-2184