A Content Analysis of Hotel Websites in Jordan

Narayan Prabhu,Naresh Nayak,Anusha Pai

This study is being carried out to analyze websites of forty five, five star hotels from Jordan located at three tourism destination (Dead Sea, Petra and Aqaba) using methodology of content analysis. The study analyses how five start hotels are using their hotel websites to promote their products and services being offered in this tourist destinations by taking into consideration, fifty varied attributes such as customer relationship, Sales & marketing, hotel identity, modes of communication, transaction and information. Diverse features is an important element of any five star website of a hotel chain and the success or failure may depend on these attributes which are being featured. In the past when hoteliers had no access to internet, it was really a tedious job to promote hotels; but now with advent of Internet, hoteliers are able to manage wider aspects of a hotel. The outcomes of this research indicates that the branded international hotel chains and standalone hotel chains in Jordan are currently not utilizing their websites in an efficient manner to promote their products and services. The analysis indicates that Jordanian hotel managers should make good use of their hotel websites and make it more effective and attractive, as well as hotelier should pay more and more attention on the attributes which helps the development of hotel websites.

Volume 11 | 02-Special Issue

Pages: 2173-2180