Workforce Diversity- Marking An Impression On The Communication And Productivity Of The Organisation

M. Sudha Paulin,DR. B. Aiswarya

In the rapid pace of globalisation, increasing competition among nations and the growing needs to protect resources, strengthening the knowledge base are the important challenges in building a diversified working environment. The twenty-first century organisations are increasingly becoming multicultural workplaces for communication.By understanding the communication problems and the relationship with the communication process in the organisation, programs supporting for communication improvement can be established, both individual and managers of the group can manage the communication process more effectively. This study reviews recent literatures on the emerging global influence of workforce diversity and its effect on workplace communication. It provides a structure for analysing the opportunities and challenges of the diversified workplace. This study then throws its light on the framework the guides everyone with the ideas that can assist them in their endeavours to effectively communicate in a globally diverse working environment. It also insists that the effective communication in a diverse workforce ensures a high level of performance which eventually helps in increased productivity and provides business organisations a great competitive advantage challenge in their extended global markets and in the global economy.

Volume 11 | 02-Special Issue

Pages: 2167-2172