Altering Consumption Habits of Youth: Advertising Impact Assessment in Nagpur City

Dr. Nirzar M. Kulkarni,Dr. Saket N Bansod

The paper deals with a phenomenon which can be observed in and around us. The situation though very alarming can be termed as crucially worrisome which is altered consumption habits of youth due to the impact of advertising. The young mind has always been seen as something which is powerful but restless and in the times of information and media explosion the young mind with continuous bombardment of information has become even more susceptible to fall prey for all the glam that’s being showcased. The study tries to find out the effect and impact of advertisements on youngsters and how it has altered their decision making process. It tries to address a common concern over the newer and altered consumption habits of youth which is very much visible and tries to connect the dots in order to understand how much impact advertisements have in the resultant altered behavior. The study was carried out in Nagpur region which can be considered of representative city for all prominent Tier 2 cities who are waiting for their chance to notch up a jump and go into Tier 1 city. The sample provides admirable scope to deduce and understand the topics outcome.

Volume 11 | 02-Special Issue

Pages: 2153-2166