A Study About the Differences in Work Values and Attitudes Amongst Various Generations Of Employees at the Place of Work – A Review of Empirical Evidence

RajshekharPhilkhana,Dr. K.G. Raja,

This research paper presents a review of findings from an exhaustible literature of differences between various generation of employees in the work environment. The articles published in prominent journals within a specific time period has been considered for review. Different factors of work values have been identified and their findings are presented. The Baby Boomer generation consider work to be an integral part of their lives and for Generation X work is not considered as important in their life compared to Boomers. The younger entrants to workforce Generation Y place a strong emphasis on work life balance than Generation X and baby boomers. Baby Boomers display a greater sense of loyalty towards their organization compared to generations X and Y. The various literature used in this study is multicultural as well as multinational in nature. Despite the difference in geographical locations of the articles a similarity of findings can be observed in these examined work values and attitudes. In simple words organizations need to understand and develop strategies to managed the differences amongst various generations at the work place. Continuous research has to be carried out in this particular field to understand individuals in the workplace better and newer ways can be identified to manage the differences that may arise in the future.

Volume 11 | 02-Special Issue

Pages: 2128-2134