Organizational commitment of police officers: A static study technique in Indonesian national police

Ridolof W. Batilmurik,Noermijati,AcmadSudiro,FaturRochman

The current study examined the importance of organizational commitment in the Indonesian National Police. Organizational commitment itself has got an important role in the study of organizational behavior. The results of previous researches have shown that there is a positive relationship between organizational commitment towards attitudes and behavior within an organization. In its development, organizational commitment is also studied in the field of law enforcement that acted by police officers. However, a kind of such study has been limited, especially in Indonesia. The limited research that examined organizational commitment to police officers was the main reason why we conducted the current study. The current study was based on the theory of MetCalfe and Dick (2000). Organizational commitment developed by MetCalfe and Dick (2000) have formed 3 dimensions of organizational commitment measurement, namely; 1) pride factor, 2) goals and objectives factors, and 3) involvement factors. The results of the current study have shown that the National Police of Indonesia has got an organizational commitment called Promoter. Promoter stands for professional, modern and trusted. Only reviewing the organizational commitment of the Indonesian National Police has been the limitation of the current study. Therefore, it is suggested for another researcher to conduct future study by reviewing cross-cultural organizational commitments from various countries since there will be a different situation of the socio-political structure.

Volume 11 | 02-Special Issue

Pages: 1876-1884