From Friendship to advancement of Science : Meaning of relationship between empires in Bali and Dutch in centuries of 18-19

I Putu Gede Suwitha

The aim of this study is to reveal interactions between the empires in Bali and the Dutch government that has had various consequences for over more than two centuries. From the early periods of interactions until the year of 1841 politics or power had not ever been stated, but friendship. Only after the year of 1841 political issues such as independence or power are indicated in the interactions. The historical method is applied in this study. The process of obtaining data is conducted through library research and archive studies. The analysis is completed by applying a qualitative historical method supported by political concepts. The results of the research show that the Balinese Empires are not accustomed to modern power concepts such as power, diplomatic or independence. The Balinese Empires are available to sign an agreement because they had not yet completely understood the meaning of power or independence. The Dutch government demoralized the unfamiliarity of the Balinese Empires through diplomatic terms and find for the justification to attack the Empires in Bali. Bali can then be conquered after the year of 1908 and pax nirlandica can be established.

Volume 11 | 02-Special Issue

Pages: 1866-1875