Assessing the Impact of Human Resource Practices on Knowledge Management and Performance of Organization in Service Industries of India

Ms. Rajni, Prof. Rajbir Singh, Dr.Satpal

The researchers try to investigate in details the actual job of human resource management department, that uses a set of human resource practices that has impact on knowledge management in selected service organizations of Indian economy. The aggregate/combined impact of selected human resource practices and knowledge management is then studied on performance of selected organizations. The efficiency of Human resource management department in devising and implementing the practices of recruitment, selection, training & Development, compensation & reward, performance appraisal, and teamwork that has impact on knowledge management are surveyed for the current study. The effect of knowledge managementand human resource (management) practices are then studied on the performance of sampled organizations. Respondents considered for this research are top and middle level managers working on different functional departments of selected organization of service industries. A self-managed structured questionnaire was regulated in meetings with respective individual to evoke respondent perspectives and suggestions. A five-pointlikert scale has been utilized to gather required information from selected respondents. The results of the study help management, government or policy makers etc. in taking corrective measures to implement and adopt human resource practices that not only positively affect knowledge management but can also guide on how and when to use a set of human resource practices and knowledge management for best performance.

Volume 11 | 02-Special Issue

Pages: 1833-1847