Breast Cancer Analysis using Distributed Incremental Closeness Factor Algorithm (HDInsight4CFBA) with Microsoft Azure HDInsight Clusters

Rahul Raghvendra Joshi,Dr. Preeti Mulay, Muskaan Manocha, Kush Dhannawat, Rachel Mendes

Breast Cancer (BC) is caused due to smutation of breast tissues, commonly diagnosed cancers among women worldwide and today’s noticeable public health issue. HDInsight4CFBA is a distributed incremental closeness factor clustering algorithm (DICFBA) implemented using distributed Map/Reduce jobs on HDInsight clusters through Microsoft Azure private cloud. HDInsight4CFBA is applied to Breast Cancer Wisconsin Dataset (BCWD). It effectually analyzed breast cancer using CF clusters; speed up the process of CF calculation.

Volume 11 | 05-Special Issue

Pages: 1656-1665