Competency Mapping – A Tool to measure Employee Performance for Gen – Y

Kamjula Neelima,Koppula Narendar

Success of any firm depends up on the efficiency of managers. A firm’s products or services cannot constitute a basis for sustainable competitive advantage because any resourceful company can easily clone, improve on or fin an effective substitute for them. To retain the organization should consist of a portfolio of “competencies” rather than “portfolio of Business” In this paper an attempt is made to review and highlight the way PMS was implemented in HPCL. A conference held in Andhra University on Performance Management System was inspired me and the PMS strategies that are being used by HPCL have motivated me to prepare the summery of PMS which is linked with the Competencies in HPCL. The shaped new generation of the world is termed as Gen – Y. it is because of revolutionary changes and dramatic global events. Generation ‘y’ is also termed as generation now or generation wake up. It is so termed because the people have grown up with personal computers. They are adoptable to the rapid changes taking place in the new millennium. The age group of population in most of the developed and developing countries are in between 15 – 35 years. Particularly India is having the youngsters in the population. Hence it is driving radical changes in life style, economy, culture, values and so on. Hence, it is the challenge at the international level, national level, corporate level and social level to channelize the generation and leverage its immense potential.

Volume 11 | 05-Special Issue

Pages: 1634-1639