Identification of Barriers for Quality Management Implementation in Automotive Sector

Nilmani Sahu,K Sridhar,Dinesh Dubey

In this competitive scenario for all manufacturing and service organization, it is very important for all to work in systematic manner to develop excellent output quality and thus delighting the end-users or customers. Due to this reason many of the organization are trying to develop a good work culture and following benchmarked organization in order to produce better quality product or service. But maximum automotive organizations are still facing problem to implement quality practices. This is a big challenge for the economical and industrial development of automotive organization as well as for country. In order to overcome this problem a comprehensive systematic study has been conducted to understand the critical barriers for quality management implementation and for adopting quality culture in effective manner. The study includes literature review of previous published research and a survey based approach which is conducted in both governmental and non governmental organization. From this research many factor were identified as barrier toward QM implementation. Most critical factors identified are lack of motivation towards the concern work, Management commitment, lack of resources, insufficient awareness and knowledge towards quality, improper mission statement, lack of determination and dedication towards quality , lack of communication and internal dispute, mentality to adopt the changes. This research will definitely helpful for the various organizations in finding the hurdles towards QM issues and to overcome it.

Volume 11 | 05-Special Issue

Pages: 1597-1604