Image Privacy Protection with Hidden Copyright using Steganography Homomorphic Encryption and CBIR on Cloud

Swapnali R. Pawar,D.M.Thakore

Large number of images are stored, shared and searched on internet using cloud storage. Most of images contain some sensitive information about users or any place or any event. So, privacy protection of user images becomes necessary. The present cloud service providers give little support to image security and privacy protection. Keeping record of images and performing operations without learning contents or indices of image is challenging for cloud. In our proposed solution TRIC-for image privacy protection which will store, share and search images securely. Image privacy will be preserved using private CBIR (Content Based Image Retrieval), Homomorphic encryption and unique DImId (Digital Image Id) per user which is hidden in image using steganography. The system will protect the image privacy on cloud from cloud service provider and helps in finding origin of image and also prevents unauthorized access using access policy and encrypted results of image search. Reverse steganography will be used for finding owner of image [16].

Volume 11 | 05-Special Issue

Pages: 1586-1596