IOT Based Healthcare System for Data Security in Cloud

Snehal G. Mohite,S. H. Patil

Encryption based on Attribute for data encryption is used by data owner to maintain data confidentiality and to achieve access control in cloud. The access policies are not adaptable at the time of encryption. To achieve the strongest form of access control, the creations of circuit’s cipher text system are using circuit cipher text-policy attribute-based encryption in our work. Only attribute names are disclosed and its estimations of access strategies are covered up in scrambled SHRs in policy attribute based encryption (PASH). This attribute value contains more sensitive information instead of generic names. For more efficiency, Small numbers of bilinear pairings needed by SHR decryption test. The policy attribute based encryption realizes this. We are collecting data from different IOT devices and this data are stored securely.

Volume 11 | 05-Special Issue

Pages: 1575-1579