Novel Approach for Efficient Choice of Test Case Prioritization Technique

Pritee Hulule,S. D Joshi,A. K. Kadam,Aditya Sarda

Test case prioritization techniques agenda test cases to decrease the price of regression testing also to maximize approximately impartial function. Test cases are prioritized so that the test cases that are greatest significant rendering to sure standards are achieved first in the regression test procedure. Despite this, assessors usually wish only a few known techniques for prioritizing test cases. The main aim overdue this is the absence of strategies to choose TCP techniques. There are many methods in the literature that emphasis on attaining many test objectives in the initial phases of the procedure and, so, decrease their price. The influence to this paper limit is additional that is period. Therefore, this portion of the exploration presents a new approach to classify TCP techniques using fuzzy logic to provision the well-organized assortment of test case prioritization techniques. This effort is a postponement of the assortment structure previously planned for the prioritization techniques of test cases.

Volume 11 | 05-Special Issue

Pages: 1571-1574