Improving Efficiency of Test Case Prioritization Approach with Rate of Fault Detection

Amruta Magdum,S. D. Joshi,A. K. Kadam,Aditya Sarda

In testing test case prioritization is an important technique present in regression testing. prioritization of take a look at cases depending on development go with the flow of undertaking .consequently ,there's need to broaden some powerful techniques that could decorate the regression checking out effectiveness through organizing the check cases in an order following a few testing criterion. The proposed machine will do such prioritization in way to decorate a test suiteā€™s fault detection charge. It offers the new way to set up test instances in an order that higher precedence test instances run in advance than lower ones. This paper proposed a unique technique for prioritizing regression take a look at cases relies upon on four parameter and the names of that parameter is the rate of fault detection, the number of faults detected, the check case capacity of threat detection and the test case effectiveness.

Volume 11 | 05-Special Issue

Pages: 1561-1565