Performance Assessment of Fuzzy-Two Degree of Freedom-PID Controller Tuned with Grasshopper Optimization Algorithm for AGC Incorporating Non-Conventional Sources

Debasis Tripathy,N. B. Dev Choudhury,Binod Kumar Sahu

The automatic generation control scheme for an interconnected conventional two area system integrated with renewable energy based generators is reported in this study. Each area of the proposed system considered for the study is having a combination of thermal unit, hydro unit and wind generator unit. A novel fuzzy-two degree of freedom-PID (F-2DOF-PID) type secondary controller tuned with Grasshopper Optimization Algorithm (GOA) is proposed for the sake of dynamic performance analysis and incorporated in each area. At first, a two area non-reheat thermal system is considered to examine the dominance of GOA based PI controller over other recently published algorithms. After ensuring better performance of GOA technique, the same system is reconsidered to verify the superiority of F-2DOF-PID controller over others such as: conventional PID, two degree of freedom-PID (2DOFPID) and fuzzy-PID (F-PID) with GOA framework. The study is further extended to investigate the performance of GOA based F-2DOF-PID controller over others, for a two area multi-unit interconnected power system considering appropriate nonlinearities like governor dead band (GDB) and generation rate constraint (GRC) with application of step load disturbance. Finally, the sensitivity analysis is done to show robustness of F-2DOF-PID controller.

Volume 11 | 05-Special Issue

Pages: 1530-1542