Predicting Cyber Crime Patterns using Knowledge Based System and Data Mining Techniques

K.Chitra Lekha,S. Prakasam

Data mining, the progression of revealing concealed information from data, is now an imperative tool for scrutinizing, curbing and averting cyber crime and is exploited by both private and government organizations around the world. Due to gigantic augment in cyber crime rate in the preceding years, the law enforcement in India are required to take defensive measures. With intend of protecting the society from cyber crimes, there is a need for highly developed systems and novel approaches for enlightening the cyber crime analytics for defending their population. The foremost intention of the knowledge base is to determine and assess the risk factors and situations which can guide defensive measures to such cyber crimes and facilitate the hidden pattern among the prone areas. In this study, novel approach comprising data mining technology and visualization technique are implemented for predicting the distribution of cyber crime over major areas of India. Initially, cyber crime datasets were preprocessed and data mining algorithms were utilized to extort the facts out of them and then concealed interactions among the data were explored that is promoted to report. Then, the cyber crime prototypes were explored which were useful to cyber crime analysts in analyzing those networks by means of visualization for cyber crime prediction and hence compassionate in preclusion of cyber crimes. This work depicts the design of a knowledge base for an intelligent cyber crime pattern identification system dealing with cases of Information Technology Act (IT Act).

Volume 11 | 05-Special Issue

Pages: 1520-1529